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Our Trips to Cuba. What to expect from them?

Our trips to Cuba

When thinking about Cuba, many travelers imagine the rum Havana Club, The beautiful beaches, the Robust Cuban Tobacco and the beautiful women. With our Trips to Cuba, you can delight yourself with the essence of Cuba.

Above all, Cuba is much more than tobacco and Ron, Cuba is a unique place in the world, it is that place that traps you in its history and makes you feel back in time.

Falling in love with Cuba is one of our objectives during our trips to Cuba. Make you feel part of our family and culture so that you take home the best of memories.

A friend and local guide in your trip to Cuba

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Since you arrive in Cuba you will have a friend, Ludisis your local guide and Cuban Yoga teacher. The treatment you will receive will be friendly and sincere, so that you feel at home because that is Cuba.

Cuba is a great house that receives the most demanding travelers and captivates them with its tropical spirit.

You can expect to always have a company that will share with you the most simple but exotic Cuban customs. Your local guide will share what is the heart of every Cuban: “Family”.

Neighbors and friends will receive you with nobility and that curiosity that characterizes Cubans. Having our local guide will make your experience one of the most life-changing.

Walking Havana with locals

Havana is a city that is known in its streets, walking among its people; listening to the cries of the vendors and delighting in their legendary colonial architecture.

When walking this city with Ludisis, you will feel attracted by a force; that some call magic; that penetrates through your veins and makes you forget everything for a moment moving in time and space to Havana 500 years ago.

With Yalorde, you will know not only the old heart of Old Havana but also those hidden corners that only a local knows.

On the way, Ludisis will take you to the most “controversial” “Solares”, those community houses where many families live and at 6 in the afternoon they begin to play and dance their delicious Guaguanco.

You will enjoy the Country

Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean Sea Islands surrounded by blue and crystalline beaches that make it a true tropical paradise.

In addition to these paradisiacal beaches, Cuba has a rich and unique culture that you can explore with our trips.

The other thing about Cuba is its Music, the Cubans are always with the rhythm marking the notes of a pentagram. Music is born in every street and is part of our ancestry.

“My grandfather used to sing the Guantanamera while he smoked his enormous cigar and taught me the basic steps of Son Cubano,” says Ludisis with great pride.

Silence is a luxury in Cuba and enjoying good Cuban music live is something that you will surely enjoy with the Yalorde Yoga company.

If discovering different landscapes and cities are for you, this is the indicated trip. Beginning in Havana to absorb the unparalleled culture of the habanero.

It will continue through other provinces of the country such as Matanzas; the city ​​of the bridges and possessor of the most crystalline beach of the Island.

Pinar del Río; the land of the best Tobacco in the world, Sancti Spíritus; with the architectural jewel of Trinidad and the sensational mountains of Escambray.

Cienfuegos; that city of French style that you fall in love with its tranquility, Santa Clara; with its monument to Che and its dreamy keys.

You will meet and share with locals

As part of the cultural meeting that is each of Yalorde Yoga trips, you will meet many locals. All with their unique characteristics will show you and share their beliefs, skills, and customs.

“I could not believe that Juanito had the same Chevrolet car that my father had when he met my mother in 1945.” Exclaimed Susie astonished; one of the participants of our Havana and Varadero Charming Sites Tour.

Yes, you will be surprised to see one of the most beloved jewels of Cubans: Their old cars. Your new friends will share their stories of how generation by generation has inherited these classic American cars.

For instance, how they have learned to be mechanics themselves to repair these cute old cars.

You will also dance with locals to learn those entertaining steps of Salsa Cubana under the stars of Havana.

You will support the locals during our Cuba Trips

One of the dreams of Yalorde Yoga is to support the local community with each trip. That is why during your vacations you will stay in “Casas Particulares”.

These are the typical houses of the Cubans in which the family dedicates one or two rooms to rent.

This contributes enormously to the support of the family but also enriches your travel experience to Cuba. When having breakfast with your local hosts, seeing them in their day to day, talking or simply sitting down to exchange stories.

In this way, you will penetrate even more into the daily life and idiosyncrasy of the country.

Our rich Cuban cuisine, “symbol of our identity”. During your trip to Cuba with Yalorde Yoga, you will eat at the “Cuban Paladares”.

These are private restaurants created by locals and that offer a great variety of local dishes with recipes inherited by the grandmothers. Visiting these “paladares” is a way to support the locals and sustain the economy of the Cuban family.

You will practice Yoga and Meditation in Cuban natural environments

If your trip is a yoga retreat or vacation, then you can benefit from our relaxing sections in the natural environments of Cuba. Natural, not only for nature but also for being in typical Cuban environments. Have you ever practiced Yoga from the roof of a building in the center of Old Havana, or in a natural park with a mighty river?

No doubt these stunning locations that Yalorde Yoga offers you to practice Yoga, they will change your way of seeing life and they will give you an incredible practice in Real Cuba.

You have not yet reserved your space on our trip to Cuba?

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