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6 Reasons Why You Should Explore The Viñales Valley in Cuba

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Do you dream of mountains, fresh waters in unspoilt nature, tobacco plantations and a charming town where you can walk on foot? Want to get away from traffic jams, hordes of tourists and cities that never sleep?

Viñales Valley is a great adventure to a world of natural beauty where you can take a look at the charming Cuban peasant culture.

Viñales Valley is known as the natural cathedral of Cuba. A lot of natural attractions, hidden cays, lagoons, caves, extravagant and beautiful, The Valley of Viñales should be on your travel itinerary to Cuba. Check out these 6 reasons to visit the Viñales Valley:

1. You can see "the real Cuba"!

Mountains, quiet peasant villages, green lakes, tobacco plantations and delicious organic food … Stay away from the tourist areas of Havana and you will see the stunning unspoilt beauty of Cuba, also known as ‘La Cuba Real’.

Touching smiles of local people, ceremonies and street parades, tropical nature, you will be surprised! Book a Yoga retreat and enjoy meditation and well-being. Have the most unforgettable experience in the Valley of Viñales.

2. Enjoy the tranquility of the Viñales Valley!

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The traveler who comes to the valley from Havana is enjoying the change of shades of Cuban green, with changes as it progresses being very overwhelming. The complicity between nature and silence makes the visitor feel ownership of a majestic natural beauty.

Only birds and singing cocks are heard in Viñales. The immense tranquility transports you to a paradise you never want to leave.

Life in Viñales is peaceful and interesting. Everyone walks slowly, as if time did not pass. Happy families celebrate “Guateques” typical Cuban farm parties every Sunday.

The Sun is special the Viñales because it feeds with its radiant rays to the plantations of tobacco, coffee plantations and tropical fruit trees.

3. Majestic Prehistory Mural, to leave you awestruck

viñales valley

In the valley of Dos Hermanas you can find the Mural of Prehistory, which is painted on one of the stone elevations. This mural shows the evolution of life in a natural sense.

The Mural of Prehistory is located in the mogote called Pita. It can be found on a perpendicular slope, which was previously cleaned to perform this work. The rock was washed and drains were also made in it to avoid erosion in the future due to rain. It extends along the valley by 120 and 160 meters in length and its author was Leovigildo González Morillo, now deceased, who was Director of Cartography of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba.

In it are represented the Guanahatabeyes Indians, also species of mammals, gigantic animals, as well as some mollusks.

In the mural you can see, in twelve pieces, the evolutionary process of men and animals in the Sierra de los Órganos, in its different stages.

Visit the mural of prehistory and be amazed with its incomparable beauty.

4. Up close and personal with Cuban farmers

viñales valley

The town of Viñales, located in the valley, preserves the traditional scenario of a farmers’ settlement, represented by its main street, colonnaded galleries on its sides and houses with red tiles that favor its climatic conditions, giving it a singular and pleasant appearance.

The farmers are spontaneous and supportive, they like to meet travelers from different parts of the world. Many of the residents In addition, are excellent hosts and cooks.

5. Learn all about The best Tobacco in the World!

viñales valley

The Cuban Tobacco is a symbol of cuban and tradition. Every Cuban has ever tried a tobacco, either by passion or by a religious ceremony of the Afro-Cuban religion.

In Viñales valley, tobacco is the protagonist of the scene. Everyone harvests tobacco and the people live practically in the tobacco plantations. You can not stop participating in one of the Cuban tobacco cultivation workshops.

Tobacco is a plant native to South America, it is said that it reaches Cuba between two thousand and three thousand years before our era. The Cuban aborigines (mostly composed of the so-called Taino Indian) were loyal consumers of tobacco.

For them it was like a kind of medicine and essential to accompany social, political and religious ceremonies, so it was part of their main crops.

6. Viñales Valley is great for horseback riding!

Favorite activity of our retreat participants during our stay in Viñales is the horseback excursion.
For many this is the first time they ride a horse and be surprised to see how peaceful the horses are in the valley.
The locals say that these horses are automatic, they know where to walk and most of all they love to eat corn and leaves of tobaccos.

Horses are special animals. They transmit positivity and are of great therapeutic help for adults and children. Do not forget to take a horseback excursion and immerse yourself in the valley.

viñales valley

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