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In Western Cuba, we find 5 national parks of unparalleled natural beauty. These parks house endangered species of flora and fauna. Some of the most exotic flowers show their bright colors here. Let’s start with the westernmost province of Cuba: Pinar del Río.

National Parks in Western Cuba

hidden Natural Beauty!​

1- Guanacabibes.

Guanacabibes is a National Park and Biosphere Reserve declared by Unesco in 1987, in the province of Pinar del Río. This natural treasure is located at the westernmost point of the Cuban archipelago: Cabo de San Antonio.
Guanacabibes is a hidden gem among large tracts of forests and guarded by the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea.

2- Viñales Valley

The Viñales valley is encircled by mountains and its landscape is interspersed with dramatic rocky outcrops. Traditional techniques are still in use for agricultural production, particularly of tobacco.

3- Cayos de San Felipe (San Felipe keys)

Cayos de San Felipe National Park, is an area of national significance created in 2002 that constitutes one of the main ecosystems of the Cuban archipelago, which serve as a refuge for reptiles, fish and birds.

4- Punta Frances National Marine Park

Punta Frances National Marine Park. It was founded in 1978, it is located in the extreme southwest of the Isle of Youth, 22 kilometers from the town of Cocodrilo and 122 kilometers from Gerona, capital of this special municipality. It has an area of 6 079 and 4 313 hectares in the sea.