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The 5 Top Recommendations For Your Trip To Cuba

In this post, you will find recommendations for your trip to Cuba. Be sure to read them before and during your trip to Cuba.

Have you been organizing your trip to Cuba and do not know where to start? Yalorde Yoga understands you. Whether you are a beginner or experienced traveler, we want to help you. Find here the 5 top recommendations for a perfect vacation in Cuba!

Prepare and know in advance how to obtain a visa and travel insurance.

This is the most important step for a successful trip to Cuba. For some countries, it can be very easy to obtain a tourist visa for Cuba but for others, the process can take a long time.

Depending on your country of origin, make sure you get your tourist visa or card as well as travel insurance to Cuba. Both are mandatory to enter the country.


Plan your route itinerary for your trip to Cuba.

Knowing which places you will visit and in what order will help you have a more comfortable trip. Cuba has many beautiful and hidden destinations that wait for you to discover them.

Plan daily activities that interest you and find out about national schedules and vacations. It can be difficult or very expensive to find transportation at the last minute, so we recommend you have some contacts before your trip.

Bring Cash.

This point is very important since not all bank cards are accepted in Cuba. For example, cards issued by US banks do not work in Cuba. We recommend you bring euros as the dollar is devalued by almost 10%.

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Consider a tour for your first solo trip.

Taking a women’s tour for your first trip is just a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and meet new people. A tour can save you money since you will have everything included in a package and only spend on souvenirs.

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Do not drink juices or drinks made with running water.

In Havana every day I see many travelers who buy bottled mineral water, great! But then they go to a bar and drink a mojito that contains ice cubes of running water (possibly contaminated).

Make sure very well of the quality of the water, juices, and cocktails you drink. Getting sick from the stomach can be an event that destroys the rest of your vacation. Be careful, please!

Ludisis Mones

Ludisis Mones

Ludisis is a Cuban certified yoga teacher who is passionate about yoga and the spiritual world.

During our tours, Ludisis will bring you to the best places where you can enjoy authentic Cuba.

Ludisis is educated as a dance instructor, tourist guide, and yoga teacher.

She understands the subtle difference between making you a plain tourist and making you a partaker of the real, local Cuban culture.

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