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Tourist Card, which allows you to stay in the Cuba for 30 days and is valid for a single entry. 

A passport valid for two months beyond the length of your proposed duration of stay.

Proof of a confirmed return flight and booked accommodation.

Proof of accommodation for at least the first night. 

Travel insurance that covers medical expenses in Cuba.

Tourists of most nationalities require a “Tourist Card” that is similar to a tourist visa.
These cards can be obtained directly at the Cuban embassy or at a travel agency in your country.

In addition, you can get the card at the airport on the day of your trip. Please consult your airline.

Yes, as American citizen you can travel to Cuba legally and join our Cuba Tours and Retreats. Select the category Support for the Cuban people when buying the tourist card or visa.

If you are a US citizen, permanent US resident, or have any type of American Visa and are considering traveling to Cuba this information will interest you.

If you decide to fly with an airline from the US, you can buy your tourist card directly through the airline or online.

Passengers traveling through a third country can buy the card at the airport where it connects with Havana. You can also buy cards in advance through www.cubavisaservices.com

Check the US Department of State’s Office of Consular Affairs website. UU – travel.state.gov – to get the most recent tips.

In the last year, Internet access has increased in Cuba.
To access the WIFI connection, you must buy a card at the ETECSA stores. In most of the main squares of the country there is connection. Sometimes the internet connection can be slow.

ATM machines are available in large cities such as Havana, Trinidad and Santiago, but they are rare / non-existent in other parts of Cuba. Please note that you can not use cards linked to banking institutions in the United States. Make sure you have other payment options available in case you can not access an ATM while traveling to Cuba.

The insurance policy can be taken in the country of origin of departure or upon arrival, you could subscribe an insurance and assistance policy of Cuban insurance companies at the airport, port or marina in Cuba.

For American Citizen, please notice that many airlines include the insurance in the fly ticket.

Travel insurance from Cuban insurance companies and most international insurance companies receive travel assistance services in Cuba from Asistur SA, available 24 hours a day throughout the year.


Plan to bring cash. American banks are still not uploaded to the Cuban banking system. Keep things simple. Just bring U.S. dollars or Euros. There are plenty of money exchanges and hotels in Havana who will give you the best exchange rate at the time.

Now, in our yoga retreats and tours, you have lodging included, all means of transportation in Cuba, transportation to and from the José Martí airport in Havana and several lunches and dinners included.

So you can decrease those expenses. You only need cash for tickets to museums and National parks, Your personal purchases, Entertainment; etc.

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