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I just finished the 5-day yoga retreat with Ludisis over Christmas and it is my pleasure to write about my experience about the retreat.

I always wanted to travel to Cuba and experience the culture of this beautiful country, and there was not a better way to experience Cuba than through this retreat which was just amazing.

Starting from the friendly, welcoming Ludisis at the Airport to the wonderful charming hotel we stayed at ( with the welcoming, dependable and smiling staff and the delightful breakfast to get going).

Though we had a well-defined itinerary, Ludisis was flexible and that was such a welcoming change to some highly structured workshops one attends.

From the yoga at the beach( away from the bustling crowds), walking through the various neighborhoods in Havana, watching the Bueno Vista Social club show and other local musicians and taking 2-day trips to the gorgeous valley of Vinales and the charming colonial town of Trinidad ( yes, we did all this in 5 days..) it was all a truly unforgettable experience and our host – Ludisis was the one who made this all possible.

She truly as a Yogi, is much aware and mindful of the needs of the participants in her retreat and goes beyond her self to ensure we experience her country which she loves much.

We met her family on Christmas day and I feel was the highlight of the trip as her family was so welcoming, warm and loving and I felt truly at ” home”.

Personally, this is exactly what I would have liked to experience – the culture and taking a snapshot of Cuban life and the retreat provided me with that experience…

Thanks, Ludi.

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