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Christmas Cuban Culture Tour and Yoga Retreat

Visited December 2019

I just finished the 5-day yoga retreat with Ludisis over Christmas and it is my pleasure to write about my experience about the retreat.

I always wanted to travel to Cuba and experience the culture of this beautiful country, and there was not a better way to experience Cuba than through this retreat which was just amazing.

Starting from the friendly, welcoming Ludisis at the Airport to the wonderful charming hotel we stayed at ( with the welcoming, dependable and smiling staff and the delightful breakfast to get going).

Though we had a well-defined itinerary, Ludisis was flexible and that was such a welcoming change to some highly structured workshops one attends.

From the yoga at the beach( away from the bustling crowds), walking through the various neighborhoods in Havana, watching the Bueno Vista Social club show and other local musicians and taking 2-day trips to the gorgeous valley of Vinales and the charming colonial town of Trinidad ( yes, we did all this in 5 days..) it was all a truly unforgettable experience and our host – Ludisis was the one who made this all possible.

She truly as a Yogi, is much aware and mindful of the needs of the participants in her retreat and goes beyond her self to ensure we experience her country which she loves much.

We met her family on Christmas day and I feel was the highlight of the trip as her family was so welcoming, warm and loving and I felt truly at ” home”.

Personally, this is exactly what I would have liked to experience – the culture and taking a snapshot of Cuban life and the retreat provided me with that experience…

Thanks, Ludi.

cuba yoga retreatSharon Powell

Women of Color Retreat in Cuba

Visited January 2019

Hi Ludisis!
Susie and I are safely back in the states and we want to thank you so much for a wonderful experience in Cuba. It was wonderful to see my big sister relax for a change!

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New Year Cuba Retreat with Ludisis Mones

Visited December 2018

This was one of the best trips I’ve experienced and was perfect for a single female traveler. I was nervous to visit Cuba alone so it was extremely reassuring to have a local guide show me around.

Ludi was beyond flexible and the itinerary was customized to my interests. I couldn’t make the exact dates for the retreat but Ludi was more than accommodating and went out of her way to pick me up 2 days before the actual trip was scheduled to start.

Because of that, I had 2 days of a private guide with Ludi. I got to experience the authentic Cuban culture while enjoying all the touristy delights Cuba had to offer.

I was initially hesitant as I had very little yoga experience but it wasn’t a problem at all! This was a great introduction to the practice for me. So If yoga isn’t your thing, don’t fear!

The accommodations were better than expected, clean, safe and most of all locally owned. I would recommend arriving a day or two earlier if you’d like to spend more time in old Havana. I can happily say that I’ve made a fabulous new Cuban friend and cannot wait to return and spend more time in Havana.

Thanks, Ludi for the experience of a lifetime that I’ll forever cherish!

Laura Aguayo

Yoga Retreat with Ludisis Mones

Visited April 2018

The experience has been better than I expected. It has surpassed my expectations. The place, the activities and the teachers were the best.

I loved the yoga and meditation classes and the walks through the forest. I have learned a lot these days and I went home with a lot of interior peace, which is, what I was looking for. I keep applying everything learned and the truth is, that the results are the most curious, and at the same time, pleasant. Thanks, Ludisis and Günther for your teachings and for bringing more light to my life. Great professionals and above all big persons. hugs!

Darlene Waltington

Havana Charming Sites Tour

Visited August 2018

Spent my birthday vacation in Havana with Yalorde Yoga. #BestBirthdayEver!!!

Maria José

Cuban Salsa Retreat

Visited August 2017

Having Ludisis as a teacher has been a wonderful experience. Ludisis taught me a lot of patience and dedication. She has a lot of knowledge about the subjects she teaches. In her classes, I did not only learn to dance Cuban salsa but I also expanded my spiritual knowledge and self-help. I recommend Ludi 100 percent.

Burnetta Gipson

Women of Color Retreat in Cuba

Visited June 2018

The 7 Day Cuba Retreat with Yalorde Yoga was one of my best vacations. Ludisis was awesome and perfectly planned our experience to include all aspects of the Cuban culture. Yoga on the beach was a great way to end our day! If you are looking for the perfect retreat I highly recommend Yalorde -Yoga.

Sarah MurraySarah Murray

Cultural Immersion and Yoga Retreat with Ludisis Mones

Visited March 2019

Ludisis, you are so sweet and I appreciate all the special treatment and all the care and detail you put into our trip to make it so special. I will never forget how wonderful it was.

Thank you so much you are so amazing! I talked about you the entire way home. My husband has heard nothing but how amazing Ludisis is!!!

Gracias to you and your family and all the wonderful people who helped to make our trip so wonderful. I greatly appreciate everything you did. It was truly amazing.

Patricia Joseph

Cultural Immersion and Yoga Retreat with Ludisis Mones

Visited June 2018

My Cuban Yoga Retreat was AMAZING!!! I’ve told everyone what an incredible experience we had! I’m hoping to be able to go again next year!!

Laurinda Cameron

Cultural Immersion and Yoga Retreat with Ludisis Mones

Visited June 2018

This was the best retreat ever! We did everything…walked, danced, rode horses, hiked, explored, painted, toured, eat the best foods, fun, and excitement