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Alisha Conrad

Women of Color Retreat in Cuba

Visited December 2018

My experience in Cuba was amazing!

I felt renewed mentally, physically, and spiritually. As a yoga instructor, I was inspired by Ludisis knowledge and expertise. I learned a lot about the history of Cuba and the Cuban people made me feel welcomed. Ludisis and her family made my New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day the most memorable I’ve ever had. They also made my 40th birthday special by celebrating me at breakfast and live music in the evening. I’ve never been to a retreat that allowed me to customize my entire experience. I will return to Cuba or any other retreat ran by Ludisis!

Leslie Tenney

Cuban Culture and Yoga Retreat

Visited June 2018

The instructors are what make this a truly unique experience! Every detail was so carefully planned, though they were open and willing to accommodate individual preferences and modifications.

Because of the small group and the thought that was put into every detail, I felt that I experienced Cuba in a very different and personal way. As a native Cuban and because of the love that she puts into her work, Ludi is exceptional.

She offered insights that I don’t think I would have experienced otherwise. As a team, Ludi and Gunther work together to ensure the guests are happy and attended too always. They make a great team.

Aart ShuttleAart Shuttle

Cuba 7 Days Trip

Visited June 2018

Unique Cuba Trip

You will enjoy the beautiful city of Havana more with a tour guide who really appreciates the beauty and culture of her city. Ludisis will bring you to the best places where you can enjoy the nice side of Cuba. She knows the cultural hotspots, places to have a good meal, and where to go dancing and meet the locals.

Ludisis is educated as a classical dancer, tourist guide and yoga teacher. She has lived and traveled in various countries. Ludisis as a guide is trustworthy, punctual, cultured and fun to be with. Ludisis understands the subtle difference between making you a plain tourist and making you a partaker of the local culture.

Symone Stephens-Morgan

Cultural Immersion and Yoga Retreat

Visited March 2019

“Experiencing the real Cuba”

I mostly enjoyed the variation of activities and places to visit. Ludisis really listened to what I enjoy prior to the trip and tailored it to my needs. This included visiting a ceramics studio, art galleries and an unexpected visit to meet Ludisis’s family where I was welcomed with open arms.
There was a good balance of excursions and meditation time which was useful for taking some time out and reconnecting. Ludisis was thoughtful, kind, patient and shown a genuine interest in ensuring I experienced all aspects of the real Cuba.