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5 Days Divine Cultural, Yoga, and Afro-Cuban Retreat in Cuba - 5 Days

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January 3, 2021 - January 7, 2021 1,149
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5 Days Divine Cultural, Yoga, and Afro-Cuban Retreat is a 5-day program in which we will travel to the Cuban provinces: Havana and Pinar del Río. You will get to visit three of the most important sites that are part of the World Heritage according to UNESCO: Havana and Viñales Valley.

This retreat combines Cuban Culture, Dance and Yoga with the joy and spirituality of Afro-Cuban Heritage.

The Yoga classes will harmonize your body, your breathing, your wisdom, and your spirit. With Vipassana Meditation sessions, you will learn to observe your thoughts without judging them.

If you are new to yoga, this retreat is a great introduction to the practice.

To immerse yourself in the Cuban culture, history, and traditions, Yalorde Yoga will show you non-tourist neighborhoods, enter local houses, share and experience local real life.

Workshops of Afro-Cuban Culture, Cuban System of Health and Food will bring you closer to the Cuban reality.

All this with the guide of Ludisis, who will be at your disposal throughout the trip to provide you the best New Year experience in Cuba. Let’s celebrate the New Year together in the Cuban capital!

Havana is a city that embraces you with its breeze from the Caribbean Sea, this year with more bliss than ever, as it commemorates its 500th anniversary and opens its doors for you to discover it.

Can American citizens join this Healing Spiritual Yoga Holiday?

Yes, Americans Can join this tour!

  • During our tours, you will engage in additional authorized Support for the Cuban People activities. In addition, you stay in rooms in a rented accommodation in a private Cuban residence (casas particulares), you eat in private Cuban restaurants (paladares) and you buy in privately-owned stores (cuentapropista), as stated by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) (§515.574 Support for the Cuban People, Note 2 to paragraph (a)).
  • You need to carry a full-time schedule itinerary in order to meet the requirement.

Want some help planning your trip to Cuba? Contact us we are happy to help.

Dance is the expression of the soul in movements, dancing gives you joy as well as keeping you active and physically fit. Our Afro-Cuban dance workshops will teach you the dance movements of the Orishas (deities of the Afro-Cuban religion). Each Orisha and therefore their dances represent an element of life: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. Yoga will play an important role in bringing to your healing the spiritual aspect that will indulge you in self-observation through meditation.

The Cuban Culture will heal you with historical-cultural tours through the main sites of the country. A workshop and a consultation with a priest of the Afro-Cuban Culture will give your life a different nuance, you will be able to know about your ancestors and about this ancient Afro-Cuban tradition. The Cubans believe that venerate and respecting your ancestors keeps your faith alive and shows you the path to follow in difficult situations in your life.

In addition to the therapies, activities, and healing meetings, you will also have excursions in the Viñales Valley, a day trip to the beach, visits, and tours through Havana Vieja as well as an old hardtop tour through modern Havana.

To immerse yourself in the purest Cuba, you will visit the valley of Viñales where the farmer full of patience and pride grows and harvests the best Cuban tobacco in the country, where the farmer will teach you that Cuban tobacco is the result of a long process where nothing is left to chance.

You will feel that you’re part of the Yalorde Yoga Cuban family in their Casas Particulares (private houses) in Havana and Viñales, where you will stay during the trip. The typical Cuban family atmosphere offered by these lodgings will allow you to delve deeper into the Cuban culture and be a local during these five days.

As a Cuban, Yalorde Yoga feels very proud to accompany you in this experience to “The Most Beautiful Island of the Caribbean Sea”, Yalorde Yoga invites you to discover Cuba in an active and healing way through this healing spiritual tour.

The classes that will be carried out during our yoga retreat, are all planned to avoid in this way an unnecessarily difficult practice and that it may cause injuries to our clients.

Ludisis Mones our certified yoga instructor will offer you a range of asana, pranayama and meditation sequences, so you can choose which sequence is best suited to your self-exploration.

Instead of thinking about asanas held for a long time as static, we will encourage you to perform small adjustment movements that provide stronger stability and more comfort for breathing, body, and mind.

The Hatha yoga classes will gradually go from the simple to the complex in this way the body opens more easily and consequently more safely.

In our classes, we will enter the stillness from the moment we step on the Mat, during the most intense phases of practice and even in savasana. We hope you will join us and enjoy our yoga retreat. We have prepared it with love.

Day 1
Welcome to the spirituality of Cuba

Today we will arrive in Cuba and Ludisis will pick him you up at the José Martí International Airport (HAV).

The transfer to our “Casa Particular” (Guest House) is about 35 minutes. Upon arrival, your local hosts will give you a warm welcome and show you your room.

Then, in the afternoon, we will have a welcome ceremony in which we will meet with the other participants and have dinner together in a local palate (privately owned restaurant).

We will visit non-tourist neighborhoods to learn about the lives of the locals, learn about the Cuban currency and the peculiar and lively bustling life of Havana residents.

The Afro-Cuban Religion or Santeria came to the island in the minds of Africans brought to Cuba as slaves. In Cuba, this belief was syncretized and in the present is one of the most popular beliefs in Cuba.

Today we will visit a temple of local practitioners who will teach you the rituals, ceremonies and the characteristics of each deity. This workshop is a unique spiritual experience.

Today’s accommodation:

Private House (Pension – 1 night)

Meals included:

There are no meals included on this day.

Day 2
"Healing with Nature and Yoga"

Today in the morning, I invite you to a healing session of Hatha Yoga and meditation that will transport you to self-observation and prepare for the rest of the day’s activities.

Our local hosts will prepare a delicious breakfast in which you will be delighted with tropical fruits such as guava or papaya.

To the west of the Cuban provinces, its main attraction for tourists is its natural beauty.

Today we will visit the natural cathedral of Cuba, the province of “Pinar del Rio” is not only famous for the Viñales Valley, Unesco’s world cultural landscape, but also for cultivating the best tobacco in the world.

You will receive a workshop about the best tobacco in the world and you will get to know the protagonists of Cuban tobacco cultivation.

Today you will have free time to discover this natural treasure.

Today’s accommodation:

Private House (Pension – 1 night in the Viñales)


From Havana to Viñales round trip is included in public tourist bus.

Activities included:

Guidance and demonstrative tour on Cuban tobacco

Meditation session in the middle of the valley

Afro-Cuban dance therapy.

Meals included:

– Breakfast​

Day 3
"Healing with Dance and Nature"

Typical of this natural park is the unique mogotes, limestone mounds, honeycomb-shaped with cavities and with an almost flat top.

Here in Viñales, you will learn about the tobacco growing process in Cuba, where farmers transmit their secrets from parents to children.

Today you will have free time to discover this natural treasure. Here you can go hiking in the mountains, climbing or take an optional excursion.

At the end of the day, we will have a session of healing dance and meditation surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Valley of Viñales, we will know your inner being and you will be filled with the purity that the valley offers you.

Today’s accommodation:

Casa Particular (Pension – 1 night in Havana)

Activities up to the individual with extra cost:

Horseback riding through the tobacco and coffee plantations

Visit caves, prehistoric murals, and coffee plantations

Meals included:

– Breakfast​

Day 4
"Salsa Dancing and Orishas"

Today after having breakfast in Viñales, we will make a trip to Havana.

A spiritual and healing consultation with a priest of the Afro-Cuban culture will be a special moment. It will be an exciting experience that you will love.

To immerse yourself in the culture and history of the Cuban capital, we will walk through Old Havana in English. Old Havana is one of the fifteen municipalities of the province of Havana.

We will enter its historic center, which, together with its Fortification System, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1982 by UNESCO.

The Historical Center of Havana has 3370 buildings, the majority of great environmental and heritage value.

Walking through this city of Intramuros you will know its most characteristic symbols such as El Capitolio, El Templete, La Giraldilla, and El Castillo de Los Tres Reyes del Morro.

You will also appreciate the five main squares that define the physiognomy of the old city: Arms, San Francisco de Assis Square, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza Vieja, and Plaza del Cristo.

Tonight we will attend a concert of traditional Cuban music in Havana (ticket not included).

Today’s accommodation:

Casa Particular (Pension – 1 night in Havana)


From Viñales to Havana, the return trip is included in a public tourist bus.

Activities included:

Walking tour through Old Havana in English

Salsa Dance Class

Spiritual and healing consultation with a priest of the Afro-Cuban culture

An Afro-Cuban dance healing session

Activities (up to the individual):

Museum of the Revolution – 5 CUC

National Museum of Fine Arts – 5 CUC

Buena Vista Social Club Show and Dinner – 70 CUC.

Meals included:

– Breakfast

Day 5
"Totally renewed spiritually by Cuba"

Session of hatha yoga and vipassana meditation to start the day.

Breakfast and departure at Casa Particular in Havana.

To thank and celebrate a new beginning we will have a ceremony with offerings and mantras to the orishas.

Transfer to the José Martí International Airport (HAV) in Havana.

What is included?

  • Guided walking tour of Old Havana in English with Ludisis Mones
  • Excursions in Havana and Viñales
  • This tour complies with the general license category Support for Cuban People for individuals (515.574). The tour provides the basis and support for your compliance with the law.
  • Local guide always at your disposal
  • 4 nights accommodation
  • Hatha Yoga and meditation healing sessions
  • All breakfasts at your Casas particulares
  • Workshop of Afro-Cuban culture or Santeria: An approach to the traditions inherited by our African ancestors that will allow you to know the traditions, myths, ceremonies, songs and Orishas that make up this Afro-Cuban syncretisation
  • Afro-Cuban Cooking Class
  • Transfers to Viñales and Havana in public tourist buses.
  • Airport Transfers
  • Visit historical sites, museums, fortresses and community centers.

What is not included?

  • Meals and Lunches.
  • Flights.
  • Visas.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Museums Tickets are not included.
  • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable if the booking is canceled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 60 days before arrival.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions and our Retreat participant waiver for more information.

This private room has its own bathroom. Air-conditioning is also provided to ensure your comfort during hot days.

In Havana, our private house is located very close to the main cultural and historical sites of the city, the colorful life of Havana gives it a familiar and vintage style.

In Viñales, our private house is located a few meters from the beautiful mountains of the valley.

The price listed is for one person.

  • The breakfast includes exotic tropical fruits, omelet, natural juices, fresh bread, homemade jams, Cuban desserts, milk and the best coffee in the world: Cuba’s!
  • If you prefer vegetarian food, please let us know when you make your reservation and we will provide vegetarian dishes.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

Price From EUR  1,149/person
Total 1,149 EUR

Trip Facts

  • Pubic tourist bus
  • Ludisis Mones
  • Havana and Viñales Valley
  • 18